Welcome to Klasmeier Kalibrier- und Messtechnik GmbH

Klasmeier Calibration Service – DAkkS-accredited calibration for temperature norms

Klasmeier Kalibrier- und Messtechnik GmbH is a medium-sized family-run business based in Fulda, Germany. It has been family-owned for more than 25 years and is currently run by qualified engineers Peter and Thomas Klasmeier. The firm specialises in temperature measurement and temperature calibration and also runs Klasmeier Calibration Service.

Widerstandsthermometer (Pt100)ThermoelementeBlockkalibratorenTemperaturmessbrückenTemperatur-Fixpunkte

We calibrate:

Resistance thermometers

  • Calibration to temperature fixed points
  • Comparison calibration in liquid bath



  • Calibration to temperature fixed points
  • Comparison calibration in calibration furnace


Block calibrators

  • Calibration in line with DAkkS R5-4 guideline
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 1300 °C


Temperature fixed points

  • Calibration with reference to SPRTs
  • Argon (-189.3442 °C) through to silver (961.78 °C)



New in 2015: DC Temperature Measurement Bridges

With our extended accreditation achieved in 2015, we can now also calibrate DC temperature measurement bridges.

Klasmeier is the first DAkkS-accredited calibration service to be able to calibrate the linearity of the resistance ratio of DC temperature measurement bridges with the lowest uncertainties.

  • DC temperature measurement bridges
  • Resistance ratio from 0.2 to 5.0
  • Calibration of linearity
  • DAkkS calibration certificate with lowest uncertainty


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