We can calibrate your thermometers.

Kalibrierdienst Klasmeier can calibrate your thermometers for you. We can calibrate all standard types and models of resistance thermometersthermocouples and measurement devices with direct displays.

  • Temperature calibration range from -190°C to 1300 °C
  • Thermometer calibration using the reference method
  • Precision temperature calibration to temperature fixed points

We calibrate

Resistance thermometers

  • Use of the latest temperature fixed points (ISO tower)
  • Comparison calibration in liquid bath with 
equalising block



  • Calibration to temperature fixed points
  • Comparison calibration in dry block calibrator


Dry block calibrators

  • Calibration in line with DAkkS R5-4 guideline
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 1300 °C


Temperature fixed points

  • Comparison calibration with SPRTs
  • Argon (-189.3442 °C) to Silver (961.78 °C)